It’s hard for us to believe, but this August marks the 10-year anniversary of BrowneMusser. We’ve seen the industry and the world change a ton over the past ten years. Back in 2008, the iPhone was just getting introduced, Facebook was a fairly new phenom with only 100 million users and it was the dawn of the Great Recession. Consequently, we learned to be scrappy. We learned to adapt quickly. We learned to be fiscally conservative. We learned to celebrate the wins and weather the losses. But as we look toward the next ten years, we also learned that choosing where you want to go is more important than looking at where you’ve been.

We’re in it for good. 

At BrowneMusser, we believe in making an impact: a positive one at that. We work with clients who put good into the world and who are good to work with. We have chosen to take our experience in the business of moving units and apply it toward moving people. We are here to improve people’s lives; to overcome barriers. We get to the heart of the matter and strive to leave the world better than we found it.

Our core beliefs

1.   The Golden Rule is golden.

2.  Let’s take our work more seriously than we take ourselves.

3.  There is no bad music. 

4.  Curiosity and wonder make life worth living.

5.  Tell the truth. 

6.  Pick up the phone.

7.  Color outside the lines.

8.  Stay open to change.

9.  Most barriers are our own self-imposed limitations.

10.  Mistakes are opportunities to learn.

11.  Every role is equally important to the whole.

12.  You don’t have to stay in your lane.